Terms and Conditions


  1. Identity
  2. Definitions
  3. The terms and conditions apply to
  4. The offer
  5. Contract
  6. Right of withdrawal
  7. Return costs
  8. Exclusion of right of withdrawal
  9. The price
  10. Compliance and Warranty
  11. Delivery and execution
  12. Payment
  13. Complaints
  14. Continuing performance agreements: duration, termination and renewal
  15. Additional or different terms
  16. Customers, Questions and product descriptions
  17. Intellectual property
  18. Your personal information
  19. Applicable law and competent court
  20. Links

Article 1: Identity

Apolloweg 1N 
8938 AT Leeuwarden
Email: info@getlently.com

Chamber of commerce: 58510117
VAT: NL107129784B02

Article 2: Definitions

  1. “Lently”: refers to everything we offer on this website and is an alias of Samsara Studio’s.
  2. “We”, “us” and “our”: refers to Lently and everything we offer on this website (GetLently.com).
  3. “Customer” and “you”: refers to all possible users of this website, in a 1st person format. This includes persons who are the representative of a company.
  4. “Offer”: refers to our products and services.
  5. “Contract”: refers to an agreement between you (the buyer) and us (the seller).
  6. “Payment provider”: refers to our current payment provider, Mollie B.V.
  7. “Track and trace”: refers to the traceable code the postal services provides.

Article 3: The terms and conditions apply to

  1. Everything Lently offers and / or every agreement we make with you. You have to agree to our terms and conditions before we will sell any product or service to you. You have to read them carefully.
  2. You as the user of our products. Note: you need to be 18 (eighteen) years or older to use our website, buy and / or use our products.
  3. Our products and services. In addition to these general conditions, specific product or service conditions may apply. If they are in conflict with each other, feel free to contact us. (So we can come up with a solution, that makes us and you happy!)

Article 4: The offer

  1. If an offer has a limited validity or certain conditions, we will always communicate this to you.
  2. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear on the website. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.
  3. Our product descriptions are as truthful as possible, of course it is still up to you if you want to buy Lently. You can always contact us if you wish more information. See article 1, for our contact information.
  4. The colors and specifications of free gifts may vary. For example: a different color shaker bottle.
  5. Our product is not in any way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  6. We will always inform you about your rights and obligations when you buy our products or use our services.
  7. We will inform you about:
    7.1 The amount of money we charge you.
    7.2 The delivery costs, as they are country dependent.
    7.3 Whether the right of withdrawal is valid; this depends on your ability to cancel the order within fourteen work days.
    7.4 The manner of payment and delivery.
    7.5 The time an offer is valid, or the period within we can guarantee the price to stay the same.
    7.6 In which manner you can access your information, regarding the order you’ve placed.
    7.7 These terms and conditions, that are required to place any order. So you are aware of any unwanted actions before the agreement has been concluded.

Article 5: Contract

  1. The contract is formed once you accept the offer, meet the conditions and agree with the terms.
  2. Once you accepted our offer, you will receive a confirmation as soon as possible. However, as long as you didn’t receive the confirmation, you can still cancel your order.
  3. We do everything to protect all of your electronic data, especially your payment details. Our payment provider has one of the best secured payment systems available. They use your information only to transfer the money, they don’t use your information in any other way. We are not liable for any mistakes the payment provider makes. However if this happens, we will do all that is within our powers to secure your electronic data.
  4. We are allowed to cancel the agreement at any time if we don’t trust your ability to pay the order, or if we suspect identity theft.
  5. When you place an order, you will receive the following information:
    5.1: The return and / or complaints address.
    5.2: The warranty after sales service we provide.
    5.3: The data stated in article 4, paragraph 4 of these terms and conditions.
    5.4: The requirements for cancellation of the contract and the time within this is possible.
  6. In case of an extended transaction, you will only receive the information mentioned in the previous paragraph with the first delivery.
  7. It’s currently not allowed to resell our products, and we are not in any way responsible or liable if you decide to ignore this agreement.

Article 6: Right of withdrawal

  1. If you buy something, you may cancel the contract within fourteen workdays, without any reason. This period starts on the day after you received the order, and from that moment on out. We use the track and trace code that’s included with your order to determine if you meet the requirements. Once again, this period starts one day after the postal service has delivered the order to the provided address. Side note; if the postal service decides to hand over the order to one of your neighbour, feel free to contact us, so we can extend the fourteen day period.
  2. During this fourteen day period, you have to handle the product and packaging with care, and you may only unpack or use the product in order to assess whether you want to keep it. If you decide to send it back, the product must be complete, if possible in its original condition and packaging.
  3. You are only allowed to assess whether you want to keep it for personal use. For example; if you order the 10 meal pack, 1 meal should be enough to decide if you want to keep the product.

Article 7: Return costs

  1. If you want to send the order back, you have to pay the delivery charges yourself. The Lently must be in its original condition. The only exceptions to this are stated in article 6, paragraph 3 and article
  2. If you have paid and decide to send the order back to us, we will refund the amount as soon as possible. After we received the returned product, we will need up to fourteen work days to assess if the returned product matches the terms as stated in these terms and conditions.

Article 8: Exclusion of right of withdrawal

  1. We can exclude your right of withdrawal, but only if we state it clearly with the offer.
  2. When the offer includes a gift, colors and specifications may vary. For this reason, free gifts are excluded as a reason of right of withdrawal.

Article 9: The price

  1. As long as the offer is valid, prices will not be increased, except when they’re related to changes in Vat rates.
  2. If the price of certain products or services is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market, the price may vary. We’ll always point this out with the offer.
  3. Within three months after the start of a contract, the price may be increased as a result of legislation or regulations.
  4. All prices include VAT. Customers within the European Union, pay 6% reduced rate on the products and 21% on shipping. Customers outside of the European Union, pay 0% tax on the products and 21% on shipping. Which is currently the 6% Dutch reduced rate. In the future, this can change for specific countries. If this changes, we will inform you about this before you agree to the contract.

Article 10: Compliance and Warranty

  1. We promise that all Lently products meet:
    1.1 The agreement.
    1.2 The specifications listed in the offer.
    1.3 The reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usefulness.
    1.4 The legal provisions and / or government regulations existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement.
  2. An arrangement offered by the trader, manufacturer or importer as a guarantee does not affect the rights and claims that the consumer can assert to the entrepreneur based on the law and / or distance contract in respect of a failure to fulfil the obligations of the employer.

Article 11: Delivery and execution

  1. We’ll treat your order careful, in every step of the process.
  2. If you place an order, we deliver the product to the shipping address you provide us. We are not responsible for any typos you make.
  3. We will carry out the orders as quickly as possible, and in any case within thirty days, unless we have agreed otherwise. If there’s a delay in your order, or an order can only be partially executed, then you will also hear that within thirty days. You will be able to cancel your order, and are entitled to any damages.
  4. If you decide to cancel your order in one of the cases stated above, we will refund the amount as soon as possible. We’ll do so within thirty days of the cancellation.
  5. If we cannot deliver a product ordered, we will do our best to provide a replacement item. You will be notified that it’s a replacement item you’re getting. If you get a replacement item, you can return the order if you want. The delivery costs are for us.
  6. If the product is damaged before it’s delivered to you, the responsibility is ours.

Article 12: Payment

  1. You must pay within two weeks, unless we have agreed otherwise.
  2. There should never be agreed upon a prepayment of more than 50%. And if prepayment has been agreed upon, then you have nothing to say about the execution of the order.
  3. If you find something is not right in your payment information, then you should immediately inform us.
  4. If you decide not to pay within period stated in this paragraph, additional (reasonable) costs may be charged.

Article 13: Complaints

  1. We have a complaints procedure and we adhere to it.
  2. If you have a complaint, you have to let us know within a reasonable time.
  3. Complaints will be answered within two week. If we need more time to respond, we will let you know within two weeks.

Article 14 – Continuing performance agreements: duration, termination and renewal


  1. The Consumer may at all times terminate a contract that was concluded for
    an indefinite time and which extends to the regular delivery of products or services, with due observance of the termination
    rules and subject to not more than one month’s notice.
  2. The Consumer may at all times terminate a contract that was concluded for a
    specific time and which extends to the regular delivery of products or services at the end of the specific period, with due observance
    of the termination rules and a subject to not more than one month’s notice.
  3. The Consumer can cancel the agreements mentioned in the preceding
    3.1 at any time and not be limited to termination at a particular time or in a
    given period;
    3.2 at least in the same way as they were concluded by him;
    3.3 at all times with the same notice as the Entrepreneur stipulated for


  1. An agreement concluded for a definite period which extends to the regular
    delivery of products or services may not be
    automatically extended or renewed for a fixed period.
  2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, a contract for a definite period
    which extends to the regular delivery of dailies, newspapers, weekly
    newspapers and magazines, may tacitly be renewed for specific period of
    three months at the most if the Consumer can terminate this extended
    agreement towards the end of the extension with a notice of one month at the
  3. An agreement concluded for a definite period and which extends to the
    regular delivery of products or services may only be extended tacitly for an
    indefinite period if the Consumer can cancel it at any time with a notice of one
    month. The notice is three months at the most in vase the contract is about
    a delivery of dailies, newspapers and weeklies and magazines occurring
    regularly but less than once a month.
  4. An agreement with limited duration of regular delivery of trial dailies,
    newspapers, weeklies and magazines (trial or introductory subscription) is not
    renewed tacitly and ends automatically after the trial or introductory period.


  1. If the duration of a contract is more than one year, the Consumer may
    terminate the contract at any time after one year with a notice of not more
    than one month, unless reasonableness and fairness resist the termination
    before the end of the agreed term.

Article 15: Additional or different terms

If conditions were added or changed, we are legally obliged to laws that protect you as a customer. We must ensure that the new terms are made available to you in a letter, by e-mail or if you wish in a downloadable pdf file.

Article 16: Customers, Questions and product descriptions

We have full confidence in our products and we use it ourselves. We try to describe the products and answer customers’ questions as well as we can. However, we are not doctors, nor did we study medicine. Therefore, Lently makes no claims about diagnosis, treatment, cure or disease. Our website provides information about what Lently is, but the informations has not been evaluated by medical professionals and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult a medically qualified doctor before you start using Lently.

Article 17: Intellectual property

The intellectual property of all information, communications or other expressions concerning Lently is ours. Or the property of our suppliers or other claimants.

Article 18: Your personal information

We adhere properly to the privacy act and regulations. Your data will only be processed in accordance with what is stated in the privacy policy.

Article 19: Applicable law and competent court

Only Dutch law applies to all offers, agreements and their implementation. The CISG is not applied.

Article 20: Links

There may be third party advertisements or links to other websites on GetLently.com, and we are not responsible for their privacy policies.