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Taste is perfect, lovely presentation.

the boxes are very big, but only like half full... why not make them full, or smaller? save plastik, think ecologic!! ;)

Perfect taste

The taste is perfect and for me, Lently is perfect for eating behind the wheel when I’m off for work.

Not received yet

Perhaps you should ask for reviews after the items are shipped. It has been two weeks now

Asked to review before delivery.

You should really consider triggering your review request based on order delivery, not receipt. Would have rated neutral but your rating stars are in the wrong order.

Not great

Tastes like an old apartmentbuilding. Didn't finish it

lekker alternatief voor medische bijvoeding

Met nog wat ander spul erdoor gemengd maak ik mijn eigen medische bijvoedingsvervanger met Lently. Maar dan eentje die voor de verandering niet chemisch smaakt en valt als een baksteen. Ik ben dus heel blij hiermee.

Still waiting for it

The 8× wakeup cappuccino was missing in my order...will rate again when i reccived it

Better alternative than Jimmy Joy

Used to drink Plenny Shakes but they gave me stomach issues and drained my energie. The taste of Lently is still a bit ‘oaty’, but I don’t have the issues I had with Plenny, so for me it’s well worth the premium

Havent received it

I would love to review my order, but that's impossible if I haven't received the order a full week after ordering it.


J'ai déjà gouté les premieres versions (stonershake) puis les premieres lently, et je ne retrouve plus le gout.. Notamment car un gout de plastique s'y retrouve.. (peut etre a cause de l'emballage..?) De même le gout de chocolat n'est plus aussi prononcé..

Sinon, je suis très satisfait du service client ! Et je recommanderai très probablement quand j'aurais terminé ma commande!

WakeUp Cappuccino

Makkelijk en prima smaak

Ik ben normaal niet zo positief over dergelijke shakes, maar dit is tot nog toe de lekkerste variant die ik gehad heb! Zeker makkelijk te gebruiken als ontbijt als ik vroeg weg moet.

Viel besser als Huel und Jake

Gute Konsistenz, annähernd echter Geschmack. Vor allem Schoko. Mit Eiswürfeln und Milch kommt der Shake besonders gut.

Complete Food

Great product took 3 shakes during the day till dinner i feel energyzed and its super easy to prepare i make it with 300 ml water.. i surtenly make sure i have some lently in MY house for a fast meal!

Good product, don‘t like the taste

I really like the other tastes but I would prefer the vegan version if it would taste as good as the other products!

Can't eat it

It tastes really bad, no vanilla taste at all, more like a bit marzipan but bitter.
I really want a refund for that Bags!

Hi Manuel, we're sad to hear this! Please check your e-mail.
Bitter Vegan Vanilla

I only have experience with vegan vanilla. To me it’s not a repeat order, shake tasted bitter, not much vanilla to it.

Maybe it’s the vegan part, but I’m hestitant to try other flavours because of the letdown experience sofar.

Hi Richard, we're sad to hear this! Please check your e-mail.
Update from previous review

Just as I submitted my previous (negative) review, I received notification that the package has shipped. Pleased to hear that! (Also, I'm a repeat customer, and Lently is delicious.)

A good option for busy people

I wouldn't replace food completely by lently but it is definitely an option to replace one meal a day on busy days, since I do feel relatively full for a couple hours after having lently. Only one shake a day wouldn't be filling enough for me, although it is meant to be all you need for a whole day. The taste is actually pretty good.

hmmm, vegan vanilla is not as good as expected...

i think i had pretty high expectations because i was rather underwhelmed... after the third “meal” i started to be okay with it but the first time i tried the new flavor i thought i cannot drink it and i’ll ask if i can return the second bag i still have... i’ve read that there were technical issues with the texture if not consumed directly after preparation but that wasn’t my problem because i usually drink my shake right away (and with delight) but there’s something very different about the flavor. i hope this can and will be improved because i would like to keep increasing the amount of vegan food i eat...

It tastes a lot like peas, i like the other products better

Starter Pack

Love your product, perfect way to get the nutrients I miss. Banana is great, strawberry okay, choco not so and cappucino disgusting. So just fruits for me but that's personal. Hope you will start producing more jars in stead of bags. Keep up the good work!

Nicer whey shake

This shake reminded me of a 'regular' whey shake. But tasted actually better.

First impression

It feels a bit strange not to see what food you are consuming. I wonder if I can persuade my dinner guests with this kind of food. Maybe have to rebuild the dinner room into a space ship ;)
But, it feels alright, tastes surely not bad, is pretty cheap, vegetarian and makes me slimmer. Above that it might help to solve a world problem. So I will continue and see where it will lead to.
Four stars. The fifth you lost due to the plastic you send with the food parcel. No real need for that.