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Prelim. review of Lently Starter Package

Delivery was insanely fast. The biggest positive surprise was the shaker for sure. Often "free" or promotional items are poor quality but this one is excellent. It will certainly see a lot of use.

Biggest negative so far was the "WakeUp Cappuccino" flavor. I just wasn't impressed at all.

As for the other flavors I'm not ready to give a final judgement yet but first tastings were positive. Overall I'm very satisfied.


Fast delivery, tasty shakes!

something mixed up, perfect service

I ordered the starter pack and got two packs with the same taste. I contacted the service and got an extra pack of the missing taste without any problems :)
Again with fast delivery and good packing.

I haven't tried all flavours, but banana smile tastes good.
Cocochoco could taste a bit more like chocolate.

One thing to improve: The shaker could have a transparent scale.


Uitstekende service, prachtige producten, natuurlijke smaken.
Helemaal tevreden.


Lently Starter Package


Goed verpakt, smaakt prima!

Quick work

The speedy delivery was a pleasant surprise. The different tastes were not very exciting. Banana and strawberry don't do it for anybody. Why not try some savoury tastes like sausage or nuts?


Lently Starter Package

(GER) perfekt um den eigenen Geschmack zu finden

+ 4 Sorten zum durchprobieren / je 4 Mahlzeiten
+Preis Leistung top
+Banane ist mein absoluter Favorit
+Geschmack und Konsistenz richtig gut
o restlichen Sorten nicht so mein Fall

Klare Kaufempfehlung !


Coco Choco

Coco Choco is my favorite

Really love the taste of this flavor. It's deep and fulfilling with a hint of chocolade. Just can't get enough of it.

Sooo good!

The new formula is the Bomb! Especially with almond milk. So smooth and delicious!

little taste and missing information

The Order was fast and well packed.
But there are two big issues:
The drinks tasted quite good, but not really like the falvour that it should have. For example, there was no hint of strawberry in the "strawberry dream".
The only flavour that tastet like it should was cappuchino - and that is exactly the flavour i liked the least (but that's just a personal opinion - if you like cappuchino it's great).
The second one is that with the old starter package there were only small bags with one meal per bag. That should be explicitly said on the website.

Overall, the drink did what it should: it was a quick meal. Therefore I'm giving three stars. Altough, the second issue alone would also justify only one star.

Hey there! Thanks for leaving a review. We changed your second point. It was a bit misleading, indeed. If we caused any trouble on your side, apologies! In regards to the taste: Your feedback has been noted and saved!
Tastes good but too much sugar

I quite like it's taste especially chocolate and cafe flavors. Although the macro ratio does not bother me too much, 69 grams of sugar per day is way too much for me. I believe it's way more than the recommended daily intake and therefore it's unlikely to replace most of my daily meals if at all. I do appreciate that it does not have artificial sweeteners though.

Hi Hunar, thanks for your feedback! Almost all of our ingredients contain natural sugars. Even the oats and whey protein (We chose to show all the 'oses'). In our different flavours we add 50 to 55 grams of organic cane sugar. Depending on the country you live in, the DRI for added sugars differs a lot. Usually this comes down to 45 to 60 grams of added sugers each day for most countries we sell to.

Lently Starter Package

Ik vind de naam coco choco een geweldige naam

Ik heb eerst de banaan gehad en daardoor vond ik Coco Choco wel wat minder interessant omdat deze wat vlak smaakte. Ik hoop dat de smaakintensiteit wat kan opgevoerd worden. Maar voor mij is nu wel duidelijk dat Banana Smile mijn ultieme favoriet is!

Lently is the Best there is!

Absolutely awesome quality! Really good taste!
Keeps me full for up to 5 hours while loosing weight and feeling awesome!


best powder i had yet but i prefer ready to drink solutions. i will subscribe to your newsletter.

Always so good

taste very good with rice milk !


Lently Starter Package

Good Shake!

De Starter Package beviel goed. Netjes gedaan zo.
Ik was tevreden dus ik heb weer nieuwe zakjes besteld.
Maakt een goede combi met ongezoette amandelmelk.
Niks te klagen tot nu toe, mooi product. Kan niet anders zeggen.

Oh no

Hello Maurice, sorry, but I'm really disappointed about the taste. I want my Stonershake back -please. No joke!

Hey Dominic! We're sorry to hear that the new formula's taste isn't up to your standards. The old formula will not be making it's return any time soon. However, we would like to receive a detailed description of your taste experience! Could you send us an email at:
StonerShake was better

StonerShakw was better. Better Taste and especially better consistency :(

Hey Samuel! We're sorry to hear that the new formula isn't up to 'StonerShake' standards. The old formula will not be making it's return any time soon. However, we would like to receive a detailed description from your experience, could you send us an email at:

The tast is really good

Best breakfast ever!

Can't believe the time I am saving in the morning. Just not having to think about what to eat makes me happy already.

Love the natural taste and since it's healthy it actually makes me feel good too. One Lently at 7 in the morning and a banana at 10 easily keeps me satisfied till lunch.

Only downfall is is that my girlfriend is now taking Lently as well so will be reordering soon :)

Keep up the good work!

Coco Choco

Coco Choco


Coco Choco

Good product, packaging could be better

I like the product, but the packaging could be improved. In a previous order the meals were packed in individual bags which was more convenient. From the current bags it's difficult to extract single meals with the cup. Also there is no unit on the cup so I don't know if it's grams or ml. A solid box container would be much better for extraction.

Nice Texture and Great Taste

I'm alway concerned about shakes that don't taste as advertised. But Lently is different. I love the taste of every flavour and really miss them when I don't drink them for some time.


i ordered the starter pack from getlently and it arrived super fast, loved the packaging as well. The next morning i wasn't able to make myself a sandwich (as usual) so i decided to take a shake instead. I took the shake at 8:30 and got hungry again at 13:00 just in time for lunch. Would recommend this as breakfast!

Lently Gets iT!

Finally a Good Shake with flavour.. without being 'over the Top'.. #Energy #Taste thnx !

Perfect breakfast

Realy nice product. Always use it on weekdays when I have to get up early in the morning. For me it's the perfect breakfast!