Stay energized

Lently is about convenience, saving time, affordable healthy food and being able to stay energized with little to no effort. Based on science and technology.

How to prepare

1. You fill a shaker bottle or blender cup with water

(any liquid to your liking will suffice)

2. Add 125 grams of your favorite Lently flavor.

(Aprox 3.5 scoops)

3. Shake or blend until a smooth shake remains.

Don’t forget to put the lit on!

4. Enjoy your

Easy as that!

Data driven food

The composition of Lently is based on the nutrient guidelines of the U.S. and the E.U. Based on what the average human needs, stripped down to the essentials. Want to know how?

The recipe

Do you want to know which ingredients we use to create your Lently powder?

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