Recap: Our trip to Berlin

Mustafa Boutzamar   •   Dec 13, 2017

Yes! I’m back and it was a blast to visit Berlin.

First off, it was my first time traveling alone and secondly, it was kind of on a whim. Most of our ambassadors live in the city and we thought it was time to swing by and check how a Berlinner.. Berlins?

I arrived on Thursday and Friday. I set myself up and prepared to discover the city. My base of operations was in Kreuzberg, in the AirBnB of the Khan family (great hosts!) and 100 bags, scoops, bottles, and flyers were ready to be handed out.

On Friday I was hosted by Jelle. Someone whom I knew through school. He showed me around the city, some great food joints, introduced me to some awesome folk and we went for to a noise performance, together with Jelle’s friend. Which, I was told, was not a DJ. It was an artist. And boy, was it. At one point the sound seemed to come from the inside out. If you’re into that type of thing, you should check it out! Afterwards we went for pizza and by then, it was 11 PM. I was beat.

That weekend, the ambassadors started to respond to our inquiry to meet up! Which was great, among others, I met up with Jack at Beatport, Noah & Sam at Seven Lanes, Samuel, young entrepreneur and Fabian, working to become a teacher. They share their stories with me. About their life, their goals and what they wish to achieve in life. It was great to hear how Lently allowed them to do what they wished to do. From hiking up mountains, from Iran to Switzerland, to starting their own company and looking co-founders. They were inspiring meetings and informative. Everyone had points that we should work on: In the end, it is you that decide how to use our shakes.

Noah, Samuel and Fabian!

Monday through Thursday was reserved to visit startups in the city. We visited BetaHaus, WeWork, Unicorn and the Factory. Just a few of the coworking spots in the German capital. All in all, there was too little time (14 days) to actually visit and thoroughly check all of them. It was good to see however that Berlin’s startup scene is buzzing and very open. As a gamer, I was also inclined to visit Penta.TV’s headquarters. They represent pro-gamers, streamers and Youtube’ers. We, Felix and some of the team, played some PUBG and CS:GO. I sucked at it, but they were kind enough to tell me that I did better than most. 

Top to bottom: Factory, WeWork, Betahaus

I was invited by the guys from C.R.A.S.H. Academy to come eat with them at their favorite restaurant. Sebastian, JC and Jonas are fans of the shakes and we wanted to see if we can cooperate. They stream games on Twitch and create clips for Youtube. After many laughs, stories and delicious food. We've decided to give it a go. We said our farewells and it was time to hit the hay!

Visiting PentaTV and playing some VR MidgetGolf.

On friday, I took some packages and visited some of the hard working people of a few companies. TechCrunch’s Disrupt was to kick-off on Monday and they were working hard to prepare. We wanted to support them, as one startup to another. So I visited them, without any form of announcement, and I brought with me: Lently and everything to keep them going, the days to come. I was met with surprise and open arms.

Their hospitality was great! They were all to glad to have that little extra to keep them energized through the busy days. Mitte, Chargery and Practix-work Out were all very busy with preparations for TechCrunch!

The following weekend was one of relaxation and discovery. I wondered the city and was genuinely marveled by the history, diversity and people. I knew at that moment that my stay was to short. Perhaps I’ll return, for a longer period. But time will tell.

That Sunday, Jan joined me and we prepared to visit TechCrunch. Tickets were so expensive, that we had to see if we could come in some other way. I picked him up that morning and we strolled to the venue area, Berlin Arena. We scouted the hall. There was only one entrance and it was well guarded. We wandered over to the riverbank and discussed our options. How would we enter? Pay for a ticket?

We decided to head inside and check if there any possibilities to buy a ticket. Jan walked ahead of me as I asked a friendly lady if there were any tickets left. We were directed to a speaker desk. So we went there. And as we approached, we decided to simply go for it.

We were in! Jan had quite some experience with ‚hacking’ his way into stuff but for me, this was new and I was kind of baffled. I needed some time to process what we had just done. We decided to look for the companies that had received a care package from us.

We met with the guys and gals of Skart (thanks for the picture guys!) and HUGGG. It was fun to meet them as none of actually knew we’d be there. The packages helped them through the days and we spoke about each others products and services. It was fun to see all the companies present and there was a lot to talk about. 

A panel discussion. And what we looked like after everything was done and met!

After a few hours, a discussion panel and a conversation with one of our competitors, we decided to call it a day.

We went home, we packed and got in the car to drive back to the Netherlands. 6 hours and a few traffic jams later we arrived, back in Leeuwarden.

All in all, this trip was great! We want to send a special thanks out to the Khahn’s (especially to little Phong), Didi, Marlon, Kees, Ramon, Felix, Julian, Meik, Noah, Samuel, Romain, Robby, Jack, Jelle, Jean, Andrew, Vlad (2x), Tosh, Robin, Linda, Grace, Caitlin and Olga!

Many more, of course. We met so many people! And we will be back!

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