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Mustafa Boutzamar   •   Jul 19, 2017

Losing weight can be a hassle. There’s a lot of quick fixes to be found and everybody and their mother have theories about losing weight. We’ve done a bit of in depth research and we’ve discovered 3 very important aspects in regards to losing pounds/kilos.

Your body is unique in it's setup

For instance, I can eat whatever I want and I will slowly start gaining weight. My girlfriend is less fortunate. She as much as looks at a chocolate bar and she starts gaining weight.

Caloric intake = key

Calories are begotten from carbs, fats and proteins. Monitor your caloric intake and you can monitor what you need in a day. Usually men balance around 2500 calories a day and women balance between 1500 and 2000 calories a day. Again, your body works in a unique way. Experimentation with different amounts and types of food and keeping an eye on what the consequences are for you.

Combining your caloric intake with work-out = best results

Cutting on calories yields results. Proof about that exists in abundance. It is, however, more efficient to combine it with a work-out. This doesn’t mean you have to go on a 2-hour boot camp twice a day. A 30-minute walk to kick start your day, or ease into relaxation at the end of your day is sufficient.

So where does Lently come in?

Monitoring your caloric intake can be a pain in the ass (I’ve tried it, with little success). Going through your local shop or supermarket in search of your favorite foods, reading the labels and imprinting them into your bio-harddrive takes time, effort and getting used to. Lently is an easy means of tracking your caloric intake.

So, a day bag contains about 2000 calories. Splitting it in smaller portions and cutting down on the amount of grams added makes it easy to cut on the caloric intake. Best thing to is start with a benchmark. Take the recommended intake and start tracking from there. Weigh yourself before you start and at the end of the week weigh yourself once more. If you’ve lost weight, congratulations! If you’ve kept at the same weight, cut on the amount of grams. If you’ve gained weight, take in less Lently or stop snacking candy or potato chips!

Knowledge comes from testing, noting and where necessary, changing certain patterns. And if you want to add a certain challenge to the whole path; wake up an hour earlier and take a 30-minute walk before consuming anything.

Some of our customers have noted that consuming Lently all day doesn’t give that feeling of being full. They don’t feel hungry, but they don’t feel fully satisfied. This could be solved by drinking water. It’s good for you, contains zero calories plus it can feel heavy on your stomach whilst chugging down a bottle.

We are not fitness or medical experts. We base this on our own experiences and shared experiences by people who consume Lently. If you really want to go hard, healthy and correct visit a dietist or your local fitness/gym. If you are considering losing weight due to Lently, please let us know! We’re curious to your findings, experience and are always willing to help where we can.

Hope this helps you out! Good luck!

For the Lently team,

Mustafa Boutzamar

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