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Mustafa Boutzamar   •   Jul 19, 2017

Sometimes you're built like a truck. Sometimes you're built like a twig. Genetics can be relentless. It could be so that you fall in the latter category and want to gain weight. Look more beefy or stocked. You could start hunkering down one Big Mac after the other, but seeing that you are interested in Lently, we assume that McD's is not your favorite fast food joint to visit.

Lently can be a part of your gaining weight adventure. Caloric intake is key here. And seeing as not everyone wants to start counting the calories to everything they eat,
you could up the amount of Lently you're eating. But there are cheaper solutions to gaining weight!

For instance, you could prepare your daily shakes with the following ingredients:

Peanut Butter

Getting pure butter and mixing a bit to your favorite flavor (we have not tried this, but we will soon!) will add a lot of good fats and calories to the shake. Do it with every shake you take and you should be upping your caloric intake by quite a lot.

Thick/Fatty creams

Another way of upping your caloric intake is adding substances like whipped cream, cream or cottage cheese to the mix. High in fats and calories, it can help get you
more beefy.


Simply add Milk

Next to these simple solutions, there are two other things you could do!

Stick to your eating schedule and add Lently as a snack. You will up the amount of calories, eat what you've always eaten and in that manner crank up your caloric intake.
Plus you're snacks will be proven nutritious. Mind you, keep an eye on your weight.
An advice that we use in almost everything we do is setting goals. Jot down your aimed weight and keep an eye on your weight by measuring a few times a day or week.

For the diehards among you there is always the hardcore way. Going to the gym. The mass of fat is lighter than muscle. Aiming at creating more muscle will at first decrease your weight and if you compensate this by cranking up your caloric intake by almost the double (for example; 4k calories a day) you'll be gaining weight within the first few months and remaining lean in the progress (or more lean in regards to only eating high caloric foods and not working out.

We are no experts and this information is a combination of personal experience, customer experience and reading up on information. If you really want in depth information about this goal, get in touch with your local dietist or fitness/gym. If you have any questions we can always try to help! And if you starting the endeavor of gaining weight, please do let us know! We are curious to what you are about to find out and how you are experiencing your journey!

For the Lently team,
Mustafa Boutzamar

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