Lently Scoop #2

Maurice de Vries   •   Sep 08, 2017

It’s a look behind the scenes, it’s an insider’s take on Lently. It’s the message full of information about our course, direction and the things that have happened. This is the Lently Scoop #2! 

In this edition we’re covering a few subjects:
Supplies: Short in stock (not in the video!)
Festival life: A magnificent way to experiment
Single meal packages: what’s next?
Vegan Versions: No more animal products
The regulars: tits and tats on the road

We’ll keep it short and simple, for the full haul of info check the video!

Supplies: Short in stock
It seems Lently is becoming more popular and our previous administration is not calculated to the demand of the previous month. So this means; our supply of Lently will run dry for a short period! Not to worry, our next shipment is already on route. We expect to run out of bags any day now, so if you wish to have Lently stocked, you should order now!

Festival life: A magnificent way to experiment
Each year around this time we kind of close our year by visiting Psy Fi festival with our improvised food truck. Psy Fi is a psychedelic festival filled with psytrance, goa and experimental music. Basically an alternative village next to our hometown. We’re not really into the music but the vibes are only described as magical.

Each year we use this opportunity to offer the visitors our shakes and invite them to test new things. They get to know our product, we get to see, first hand, how they experience it. And boy, did we have fun during this year’s edition! We’ve got awesome feedback, met wonderful people and generally enjoyed these 5 days of madness. I can imagine you’re wondering:’Come on! Spill the beans, I haven’t got all day!’

So here it comes: The experiments!

Single meal packages; what’s next?

Back when we started we offered you the option to buy Lently packed per meal. This however wasn’t very cost and energy efficient. You were willing to pay more for it, but the price, for now, would be way too high for us to actually earn something. So we decided to go with something new. We have gone with bottled meals. So, in the near future you’ll be able to order bottles with powder in them. Add water, shake and voila, your meal is done.

We tested this at Psy Fi, because hey, getting an easy nutritious meal at a festival isn’t as easy as it should be. So we wandered around the camping grounds and offered people to buy themselves a breakfast bottle. It was a success! People enjoyed it and actually requested more. We consider the experiment successful and we will soon be offering the bottles to you!

Vegan Versions: No more animal products
Some of these bottled versions were filled with a vegan formula that we concocted! We handed out a few bottles for free to vegan visitors and we gathered some information. Overall, we can speak of a success. The critical point? Flavor. So that’s what we will be working on for the coming weeks. We’ll keep you updated on development! And if we you wish to be on our board of testers, do send an email to hello@getlently.com with subject line: vegan tester! 

The regulars: the must-knows and other information
In line with our transparent and open approach to you, we’ve divided the following section into our do’s and dont’s.

Next to all the festival happiness, the regular works go on. In regards to transparency and openness, we’d like to divide happenings in do’s (successes) and dont’s (failures). So here's our 'Note-to-self':

- We moved offices. And to make it more homely, we wanted a wooden floor.. Don’t leave a pencil on the ground when placing laminate. You’ll discover to late that it’s there and you’ll have to start over.

- Don’t pack orders when you’re tired. You’ll do it bad and make people sad. It results in some nice e-mail traffic. So, yeah. Just don’t.

- Don’t put a refrigerator in a socket that is not connected to the electrical circuit. You’ll get melted fruits and ice will simply turn to water.

- Don’t let people handle money where they can’t. Administration will become a hell (which it already is in my eyes) and you’ll reside in hell for a few days.

- Don’t place an order to an address that doesn’t exist. Don’t get angry with the mail man for being oblivious to the fact that the address doesn’t exist. Simply check your data.

I think that sums up our face-palm moments for the past few weeks. We laugh about them pretty quickly but man, some were serious pains in the place where the sun don’t shine.

- More festivals. It’s fun, it’s adventurous and most of all it gives us room to experiment and promote our shakes!

- More sharing on what we’re doing. We’re receiving great feedback from you guys through e-mail and that really lightens our days. It’s nice to know that you guys love our shakes.

- Development. Both wide and deep.

This piece kind of summarizes our past week. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and do get in touch! Keep an eye on our social media, we’re sharing everything worthy of sharing on there immediately.

And otherwise, we’ll update you in a few weeks! For now, we wish you a great weekend.

All the best,

For the Lently team,
Mustafa Boutzamar

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