Lently Scoop #1

Mustafa Boutzamar   •   Jul 20, 2017

Ready for launch?!

It was Thursday night, a little past midnight and we gave Maurice the keys to launch. It had been a few busy weeks and there was little time to slack. We ate, slept, drank and chilled (whenever possible) at the office because we set a spontaneous deadline. We sent out an email with a deadline and we committed to it. On that Thursday everyone was present and we invited some friends to celebrate the moment.

Maurice pushed the button to launch the website. We sent out the email notifying you of our launch and we cast Analytics on our screen, so we could all watch what would happen. And boy, what a beautiful moment it was.

You surprised us by massively visiting our new page. We saw orange dots popping up over the entire globe and you started ordering right-away. We felt your support in our adventure and we got immediate feedback. We stayed up all night to prepare your orders and we stayed up all night, listing and writing down any feedback we received. We ended the night with a small celebration, cake and a lot of laughs.

The day after..

Being at work for a few days on end tends to have its consequences. Having launched our new website I kind of had the illusion, we would have some kind of rest. I woke from that dream pretty soon and discovered for myself that the launch was just the beginning (I know, sweet innocent naivety).

We came together and discussed what priorities to set and what our first goals would be for the coming 6 months. We sent out messages to friends, colleagues and partners to request their feedback and got to work!

Small updates became larger updates and we looked into giving you a more pleasant experience in navigating the website, ordering Lently and communicating correctly. To all those that contributed in any way, thank you!

Dream big, start small

In the past 3 weeks, after the launch, we decided to focus on getting the word out to the lent communities and involve the local Lently friends. We have a vision of what our shake should be like, but the input you give us help us develop new insights on, for example, what the shakes should taste like. We visited people who’ve supported us locally since the beginning and handed them starter packs to try out (check out our Instagram to see what the results were). The overall sentiment was very positive and people liked what we had done with the rebrand, the formula and our vision for the future. And we thought it would be a good thing to share that with you as well. So here it comes, a small excerpt from our plan.

Baby steps

Everything listed below is aimed at a bigger picture which we’ll be sharing soon. We’re still looking into the possibilities and ways of actually materializing the path we wish to go down.

Our base product at the moment is Lently. The nutrient powder which you mix with a liquid to your liking. However, like the product itself, which is in constant development, we are looking for effective ways to keep our product convenient, easy and affordable. Short term changes are listed below:

Where're my ingredients, Igor?! The first feedback on the current formula has been read, analyzed and has led us to make slight adjustments in the ingredient list and the overall composition of the shake. We’ll continue with gathering information from you, but the first changes have already discussed. Also, we're putting the final touches on our vegan formula! More about this soon.

Bye, little ones. We will stop offering the meal packs shortly. At the moment they are too expensive to produce and at this moment they are costing us more than they bring in. The solution we have for this challenge is a simple one.

Hi, Bottles. All you will have to do is add water, shake and enjoy your Lently. We will be running tests at the local festival of Psy Fi to see what the initial reaction is of the crowd. We are for convenience, so this is the first step towards a more durable solution. So if you plan on visiting a festival this season and it happens to be Psy Fi, give us a visit. We’ll be there with our own rebuilt food caravan! We'll keep you updated!

What the click? The website will see some changes over the course of the coming weeks. We’ve received feedback on certain information being hard to find, actions leading to strange consequences and over navigation can be a hassle. We’ll also be adding some elements and changing the overall journey through our digital piece of land.

Last but not least As you can read, in the section where you're reading it. Our blog is online :P

Winner, winner, chicken..

With your order came a small black envelope. In that envelope was a card challenging you to share your Lently moment with us. You can win a limited edition Lently t-shirt (you can still do this! So get to it!). This, for the month of July, is also the case when you get a friend to order Lently with your personal code.

Two of you used your awesome communication skills and convinced your friends to give Lently a try. So we’d like to congratulate Jasper and Tiago with winning their t-shirts (don’t worry, we’ve demanded them to make a picture, a sexy one).

Let’s wrap ‘er up!

I believe this is it for now! We will be sharing our bigger picture soon. But we don’t feel confident when it comes to sharing, yet! We wish to have something tangible to look at and play with before we break the big news. We will keep you updated through our newsletter every 3 weeks!

Thank you for reading, giving us feedback and your overall support. For now, enjoy your weekend and enjoy your shakes!

With love and appreciation,

For the Lently team,

Mustafa Boutzamar

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