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Maurice de Vries   •   Oct 03, 2018


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Subscriptions are live!

The easiest way to make sure you never run out of your Lently stock

A long hot summer!
And that might even be an understatement since we’ve hit 38.2 degrees Celsius in The Netherlands and that’s quite abnormal. It’s almost the warmest day ever measured in our country (38.6 in 1944). But we’re not letting us get beaten down by it! 

Especially during these warm days, people tend to choose the convenient options when it comes down to food. Since convenient food usually means that you're not getting all the nutrients your body needs, is Lently a great option during the summer. Add some ice cubes or frozen fruits, and you got yourself a delicious ice cold and healthy shake. 

Since Lently is excellent, convenient nutrition during the summer, we started to think about how to make Lently even more convenient. And we came up with: 

Subscribe and save
The easiest way to make sure you never run out of stock, delivered to your doorstep and with steady a 10% discount. Convenience at full throttle! 

Now you might think, but what about pausing, skipping or canceling my subscription? Well, you’re in control. You can pause, skip or cancel at any time! 

Why subscribe? 
    • 10% steady discount
    • Delivered to your doorstep
    • You pick the flavors and the frequency
    • Never run out of Lently
    • You are in control, pause, skip or cancel at any time
    • Free Shipping (EU only)

*Currently only available for credit-card payments.




Calculate your nutritional needs

Because nobody is the same.

We’re living in a time where it is possible to create nutrition that is just perfect for you. Our surroundings usually have more impact than we think. Our diets, sporting habits, jobs, stress levels and relationship statuses all differ from each other but yet we all got to eat! We took all these factors and crunched the numbers to make your: 

Personal nutritional overview

We created a tool that will give your personal nutritional overview in a few simple steps. All we need is some input, and you will get insights into your nutritional needs! 

So go ahead and get your personalised nutritional overview! Oh, and there is a discount waiting for you at the end ;). 

Get my nutritional overview!




Coco Choco value pack has arrived.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a Coco Choco value pack!

A not to be named American president would probably call the Coco Choco value pack: huge, amazing, tremendous and out of control. Hence he might even say it’s the best trade deal of all times! 

And whether you like Coco Choco or not doesn’t even matter anymore. With such a jar, everybody should be mandatory to have one in his house just for aesthetic reasons. 

All jokes aside, Coco Choco still seems to be the favourite flavour, and we decided to put it in a bigger jacket. The jar is packed with 2kg of our delicious Coco Choco (scoop included). And you can get them for a price as low as €29.95 right now.

More Coco for your Choco
Just like with our regular bags, the more you buy, the more you get! If you buy: 
    • For 1 jar, the price is €42,50
    • 2 jars, the cost per jar is €39,95
    • 3 jars, the cost per jar is €34,95
    • 4 jars and up, the cost per jar is €29,95

    We currently only got a limited amount of value packs available. Be quick!




It's time to party! 


Put on your party hat, throw some confetti, light a candle and pour yourself something to drink because we at Lently are celebrating our 1st year anniversary!

It was a heck of a ride, and we enjoyed every moment. We have had lots of feedback and great conversations with a lot of our customers. And you guys and girls are great because we had on average less than one return per month! Knowing that thousands of you enjoy our shakes on a daily basis, makes us proud beyond imagination. 

Some of last years highlights, bumps in the road and funny moments!

Launched Lently 2.0! 
With the feedback from our customers, we tweaked the recipe and came back with the new and improved Lently 2.0. A slightly intenser flavor, better balanced and 100% soy free. 

Launched Lently Vegan 1.0! 
Oh yeah! It took us longer to develop than the regular shakes since we wanted to keep the nutrient values as close Lently regular as possible. But we did it, and we're getting a lot of great feedback on it! 

Shaker bottle 
We shipped an all black shaker bottle to compliment the black bags. However, that wasn't such a good idea since you couldn't see how much liquid you poured in. So we switched as soon as possible to see through dark version. It was a little design over usability problem ;) 

Distance traveled 
Sometimes shipments get refused at the border while they should pass. Or the postal services mess up before they offer it to the customer. As some of you might know, we always try multiple times before refunding an order. The longest distance that one order traveled is, here it comes, 51 thousand kilometers! Shipped twice, freshly re-packed and it arrived. Happy shaking! 

Orders ending up 60 kilometers away 
Due to a problem with our national postal service around 100 orders got shipped randomly across Germany. All these orders ended up somewhere between 50 and 70 kilometers from where they actually should have been delivered. We've tried to manage this problem to the best of our abilities, and we had an excellent understanding from everyone involved. Even when had to ship three times to some customers, we love you! 
We wouldn't be here where we are now without all of you! Thank you very much! 


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Starter Kit

The starter kit contains 16 meals (all regular flavours). Shaker bottle, scoop and free shipping included*



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