All nutrients in a complete food shake.

Lently will keep you energized, healthy, creative, productive and satisfied. Saving you effort, time and energy.

Lently Vegan Bag

Complete Food

Lently is a completefood shake that provides you with all the minerals, vitamins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates and proteins in less than a minute. Available as a regular and a vegan-friendly recipe, natural flavors and real fruits. Get everything you need, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Based on your nutrient profile

By personalizing the consistency of nutrients in food, we created a healthy meal and aim for more sustainable food consumption. This way we are working to curb the waste of food and we’re making sure that you get everything you actually need to function at your best.

How it works

Stay productive
All day, everyday

1:45 AM

Check in Miami - Santo Domingo

7:00 AM

Lently +500 Kcal

8:30 AM

Edit session

11:00 AM

Preperations for video shoot

2:00 PM

Video shoot Don Diablo

6:00 PM

Lently +500 Kcal

10:00 PM

Barbarella festival

2:00 AM

Uber to hotel



Complete food


Common vegetables contain nutrients which are beneficial to bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, heart, brain, spinal cord, healthy blood systems, skin, gums and many more.

Lently is packed with spinach, hemp, real fruits and our vitamin blend. All aimed at getting the best qualities of their vegetable and fruit counterparts, without excess.

200 g Fruits € 0.80
200 g Vegetables € 1.50

Bread, Potatoes, Pasta & Rice

These contain fibres, iron, calcium, folate and vitamin B. Providing building blocks for bowel functions, blood, bones, teeth and the nerves system.

We’ve decided to take rice-, flaxseed- and coconut flour have been picked to add to Lently and function as starch would in a regular diet.

200 g Rice, pasta... € 1.00
200 g Bread € 1.25

Dairy Products

Delivers proteins, calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. In general these are good for your bones, muscles, nerve cells, balanced blood pressure and help with growth.

Whey protein has been added to Lently to replace your regular dairy product. Packed with amino acids and trimmed of any excess fats.

200 g Cheese € 0.80
200 g Milkproducts € 1.10
200 g Meat, fish, eggs € 1.75


Real fats and oils deliver omega 3, omega 6, vitamin A, Vitamin K2, selenium, vitamin E, folate and proteins. Good for bones, cholesterol levels, heart, memory and cognitive functions.

Rice-, flaxseed- and coconut are healthy and good for your body, they also contain the necessary fats and fatty acids you need.

1500 ml Oil € 0.50
200 g Butter € 0.10


Used to hydrate your body and function as a transporter for all the things you eat to the parts of your body that need it. Good hydration makes everything work normally.

The only thing you need to add to get Lently!

1500 ml Water Free
2000 ml Juice € 1.50

Chart is based on RDA, 2000 kcal reference diet. Your individual needs may vary.
Price a day: €10.30+

Price a day: €7
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 from   137 reviews.

I really like the new Lently. For the most part, it is a perfection of what you did before. Great variety of flavors, quality ingredients and a smooth texture make this a pleasure to drink. Packaging is hassle-free, the crew behind it extremely nice and responsive and I can tell that a lot of thought went into the development of this product. This is the first version and I expect even greater things to come as development continues.

Göran Kelch

Systems administrator

It's a really convenient and easy way to get nutritious food when we're at the festival site. The food prepared by catering is not always good. So this is a great way to get all the nutrients we need.The guys and I all carry a shaker bottle when building and creating the stages!

Joshua Rinsma

Festival Production/Creative

Taste is great! I started lent food based on the extremely positive experience I had with Lently. Nice Strong but natural taste. One (the only?) shake that HAS a taste without using maltodextrin. First shipment was to try, now ordering in bulk. The team is extremely pleasant to talk to and deal with with and is very flexible, the shipping is expedite and reliable.Easily digestible, doesn’t leave one fatigued and perfect before doing some sports. Highly recommended!

Peter Schmitt

Software developer

Starter Kit

The starter kit contains 16 meals (all regular flavours). Shaker bottle, scoop and free shipping included*



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Lently Vegan
Starter Kit

The starter kit contains 16 meals (vegan vanilla). Shaker bottle, scoop and free shipping included*



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